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Our key differentiator is inventory management for businesses that have stock or items to sell. As a true cloud solution, Financials for Office 365 is scalable with strong inventory features, reporting capabilities, and more, in one cloud accounting software package.

Financials for Office 365 is more than just accounting software. It's your complete business solution in the cloud. With integration to the Microsoft Office applications you know and use, Financials for Office 365 is familiar and simple-to-use for small and growing businesses.

Why Financials


Do more with one system. Drive productivity and rely on accurate data.


Enjoy real time reporting with powerful insight and financial reporting functionality

Work anywhere, anytime and be in control of your business. Ideal for financials, distribution, manufacturing project costing, not-for-profit and government industries.

SCALABILITY: Simple to use yet grows with your business. Financials for Office 365 is designed to be the only business software you will use.

ONE CLOUD SOFTWARE PACKAGE: means no more data duplication and no more endless spreadsheets.

INTEGRATES WITH YOUR MICROSOFT SOLUTIONS: Maximise the return on your investment on familiar Microsoft products you know and use and switch on features as you need them.

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